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, the twitter ipo. they just keep on coming. secretary of state john kerry is in paris where he will meet with the foreign minister of russia over the crisis in ukraine. the obama administration is considering economic sanctions on russia. offeredeantime, the eu ukraine $2.2 billion in loans. all eyes are on secretary of state john kerry as he sits down with his counterparts. the former president of georgia highlighted the importance of the west's reaction to vladimir when he spokes down with ryan chilcote. >> it could signify a fast and for vladimir putin's adventures. it depends on how the west will react. >> we certainly do not want them to be messy. for more on the tensions in crimea, ryan chilcote joins us. what are we expecting from john ?erry's meeting today >> i think we can expect a frank exchange of views and hopefully, both sides are looking to find out what they intend to do next to read remember, -- next. remember, the united states has threatened sanctions against russia. i will be something the russian foreign minister will want to hear more about. secretary kerry will want
and offramp -- president clinton and offramp -- they are offering president putin an offramp. john kerry in his tour on sunday talk shows mentioning and highlighting there will be more pain to come unless he backs down. that will lose the glow came out of the olympics. g8 if not remain in the this continues. american business may pull back. there may be a further total of the ruble. a jesus christ day. -- a very bad day. then there is the offramp, the motivation to president clinton paragraph -- mind usedis the pretexts he has so far during this action. maybe he will back down. he did not close the door on seniorcording to officials. >> i went i -- i read one disturbing detail. chancellor angela merkel said to obama that putin is out of reality. >> i think he is rational. a zero-sum world, which most of the rest of the world has moved on from. i do not think any of the measures peter just laid out will move him. i do not see an effective course. he cares more about it than we do by a lot. historically, these economic -- half i do not see the european union agreed to embargo 30% of their
, and preschool education. john kerry is now on the diplomatic front lines of the crisis in the ukraine. the u.s. preparing sanctions to russia. battle for breakfast heating up. the breakfast wars. first of was the lawful taco. starbucks is now going for your egg and cheese dollars with new breakfast offerings. world's largest coffee chain is introducing four was sou items that julie kind to bring in. a sneak preview of what they have. we are staring at these. >> i got a sneak preview last week and i went downstairs to our starbucks and bought them today. there is a new egg and cheese sandwich with vegetables on it. terkel -- turkey bacon and egg white and an egg and cheddar on toast. starbucks told me they look for feedback from their customers. they wanted to see a cut -- a sandwich with more vegetables and they wanted the turkey bacon want to have fewer calories so the reformulated the bread to have fewer calories. this is a market that is in high demand right now. >> they're doing it without a kitchen. >> yes. they do this in a lot of various fast food places where you get breakfast. the b
and models. he admits that he has to consider selling by kerry or spinning off some union -- selling a blackberry or spinning off some units. >> running a public company, anything to help our shoulders i have to take a serious look at -- to help our shareholders i have to take a serious look at. today we need to build up that base. the point is, i think the is tied to our best, and a price book is, that is going to be huge -- enterprise focus, that is going to be huge but until we get to the point where we showcase that potential, it is too early to think about getting to $19 billion. telecomt to bring in a analyst at bloomberg industries but also with us, our guest host for the hour, greg rayburn, also worked in telecom as the chief restructuring officer for world, during its own -- for worldcom during its own bankruptcy. you have been closely following what john chen is doing. he did a great job with turnaround on another company. you see those same elements at blackberry? >> i really do, betty. one thing i love about john chen is that he has that rare talent of really looking belo
. we have come out and said we would be willing to lend the country $1 billion. john kerry announced that news earlier this week. that is just a drop in the bucket. can these debt issues be solved? but it hase solved to be properly dealt with. the international monetary fund is the organization that should take care of this situation. willerstand that the imf meet early next week to start working with the new government. the prime minister yesterday made a good point in his declaration and he says it's a high priority for the new government and the imf will ask ukraine to do certain things. it will be to let the exchange rate: that has already happened. the exchange rate has now reached a reasonable value. help drop the deficit sharply. that will end the corrupt subsidies to the coal and gas sector. >> where does this leave the eu? this is a country that if it were to become part of the eu would be bringing on a whole a lot of problems. it is effectively another grease type situation in terms of being in debt. eu'soes that leave the feeling toward ukraine knowing if they were to welc
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5